VENITE - Catholic Young Adult Network

We're creating a Catholic Young Adult Network and Connecting Communities!

We're creating a Catholic Young Adult Network and Connecting Communities!

Looking for young adult community? Join VENITE and find something for you. Come and see!

About Us

VENITE Catholic Young Adult Network is a network of young adult communities spread throughout the Diocese of Joliet. Together, we are building a far-reaching network of peers that are seeking to follow Christ and create opportunities and spaces where we are free to fellowship with one another, encourage one another, help each other, and support each other in our respective faith journeys and lives. 

Want to see what this is all about? Join the VENITE network!    

Why You Should Join

Three words: Jesus. Community. Simplicity. 

Radical love demands a response. The radical love of Jesus has moved us to follow Him and endeavor to bring others to Him. Therefore, we are endeavoring to create a far-reaching and diverse network of young adults and their respective communities that can further impact our Joliet diocese with the love of Jesus Christ, and invite others into it.

We're doing this by connecting individuals, communities, groups, and faith resources together in one easy-to-use platform. Once we have put all of this at your fingertips, the rest of the adventure is up to you! It's that simple. 

Once inside, you decide where the world of VENITE will take you next. Want to find or share a new resource? A new group? Something exciting for the weekend, an opportunity to serve, or a new experience that can build your faith?

Well, what are you waiting for? Come and see! Venite et videte! 

We love this platform because it's clean, simple, and powerful. And once you join us and are inside VENITE, we have good feelings you'll end up liking it too!

Isn't there something like this already on Facebook?

Yes and no. There are many individual facebook groups and pages regarding groups in the area that you can follow for sure. But (up until now) there was no single "common" point tying all the Catholic young adult communities and groups together. And also, neither does everyone have facebook, so how do we connect with and include the people who are not on facebook in the first place??? Great question! We're glad you asked this...

One answer is through this mobile and online network called VENITE :) With or without facebook, the VENITE Network invites you in! Connect with people and groups through VENITE, but meet-up in real life. 

PLUS: We get it. Facebook is a love-hate relationship for many. You're inundated with a bajillion notifications (yes, bajillion is an actual number, look it up in the merriam-webster) . And this often makes you miss the few important items you do care about! 

If you care about your faith, or about community, or about meeting like minded peers, then here's the one place that will give you all of that - without all the extra clutter found on social media. 

It's clean. It's simple. And it's powerful. That's why we love it! And we think you will too - once you try it.      

P.S. For those people don't even have Facebook anymore (more power to you!), you've come to the right place. Just because you chose the road less traveled on social media, does not mean you need to miss out on a Catholic young-adult event in the area ever again! Or hear about it after the fact from those who do have social media. Come join us and get involved! (there is a strong likelihood you won't ever miss facebook like you used to before VENITE).

Why have a single place for everything? And what's this hype about unity anyway?

Jesus prayed in John 17:21, "that they may all be one" right before his passion, crying out to the Father for unity within his Church. We believe this unity was meant to be both universal, as well as local. Although individually we have less control over universal unity, we each have the ability to positively influence local unity in a community when we all do our part! The spirit behind the VENITE initiative is one of contribution toward achieving this greater local unity for the young-adult demographic.

The era of groups and individuals operating in "silos" with no mission-minded collaboration with others in the field, is an era and a mindset that seems to be out of touch with the changing needs of the times that we live in today. Today's cultural and societal climate demands a renewed push for greater unity among Christ's followers, as we labor together to further His Kingdom on earth. 

The time is here for Catholic young adults throughout the Diocese of Joliet to connect with each other, hangout, invite each other's communities to their respective events, places of worship, recreation, and leisure; and most importantly of all - the time is here for us to build one another up in our walk with Christ as we all strive to follow the Master, Jesus Christ, and work together to bring others to Him as well. Individuals, groups, and communities are encouraged when we are edifying one another.

May we never forget: we are stronger when we are togetherWe are strongest when we are united together around Him. 

In the end, we ALL win when Jesus wins. 

With Grateful Hearts:

We extend a heart-felt THANK YOU to our fellow young-adults for embarking on the adventure of following Christ with us, and for making community even possible! Community is not the same (nor possible) without your presence. Building community is hard. But so is anything else worth doing in this life. 

We also thank all the faithful volunteers scattered throughout the diocese for all of your sacrifices in ministry, both seen and unseen. And we also thank the Office of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Joliet for their support of this initiative. 

And last - but DEFINITELY not least - thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for your redeeming love that saves, heals, and transforms; and thank You for allowing us to share this love with others.

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